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Lifeline Medical Alert Community Service

Lifeline is a community service project administered by SIROW and Mountains Communities Hospital. Both SIROW and MCH have members on the Lifeline Board of Directors. The Lifeline Board entered into a 5 year contract with Phillips Lifeline to take over the monitoring of our  Lifeline machines two years ago.  

These machines are a medical alert system for frail or disabled adults who need the security of reaching emergency help via a help button. They press the button and their Lifeline machine responds that “help is in progress”.  Then a trained person calls them to see if they need assistance. If it is just a test or a mistake then nothing further happens.  If the subscriber does need assistance and can talk to the answering service, he/she can relay their wishes.  If the subscriber is unable to answer, then the first responder on the person’s list is called. This could be a neighbor or a relative. If necessary, the EMT’s are called. The calls are answered in Framingham, MA which handles the entire country. Their personnel are trained periodically and are responsible for answering the emergency calls.

This year they offer a new feature - Auto Alert.  Auto Alert can sense your position so if for any reason the person is unable to press the button due to falling the monitor will automatically send the alert.

There are currently 31 subscribers on the mountain.

SIROW receives requests for Lifeline machines through the Visiting Nurses, the hospital and from family and neighbors. SIROW has it’s own installation team that will set up the system in subscriber’s home.

For more information please contact us at Mountains Community Hospital.