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SIROW Board of Directors -


I pledge allegiance to Soroptimism and to the ideals for which it stands:
- The Sincerity of Friendship
- The Joy of Achievement
- The Dignity of Service

- The Iintegrity of profession

- The Love of Country

I will put forth my greatest effort to promote, uphold and defend these ideals, for a larger fellowship in home, in society, in business, for country and for God.

2022 - 2023 Board

President - Virgie Witte

Vice President- Jeannie Venturini

Treasurer- Linda Godin

Recording Secretary- Ann Wheeler

Delegates- Andrea Hilton/ Leah Weis

Ways & Means - Cheryl Robinson / Cathy Kay

Newsletter / Technology - Sandy Puglisi

2022-2023 Motto:

Reach up

Reach out

Reach down

Reach up to draw strength and compassion for the tasks ahead.  

Reach out to each other to become one in the bond of love.  

Reach down to the struggling to help them up.