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The Dining & Shopping Discount Card program is one of our most successful Club projects because of your support.

Local restaurants and businesses participate at no cost to the business.The business specifies the percentage of discounts available when using the card. It is up to the business as to what they would like to offer. The card offers discounts at more than 30 mountain establishments.


Dining & Shopping Discount Card

Contact SIROW or any of our members to purchase a card.

Look for the placard displayed at local businesses identifying their participation.

The card may be purchased for $20. Cards can be purchased from club members, on our web site. The card is good for one year and can be used as many times as the card holder wishes during that time.  When patronizing the restaurant or business, just present the card and the discount is applied.

The funds raised goes towards community service projects that we sponsor on the mountain.  

Local businesses include: jeweler, boutique, florist, beauty salons, massages, facials, manicures, bowling, tea shop, dog bakery and many more!

We thank the local businesses for their participation and hope that you will be pleased with the many vendors participating in this years program.

List of local businesses that are participating.

Dining & Shopping Discount Card



2020 - 2021 Discount Dining & Shopping Card supports our fundraising efforts for our programs that support our community.

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