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SIROW Board of Directors -


I pledge allegiance to Soroptimism and to the ideals for which it stands:
- The Sincerity of Friendship
- The Joy of Achievement
- The Dignity of Service

- The Love of Country
I will put forth my greatest effort to promote, uphold and defend these ideals, for a larger fellowship in home, in society, in business, for country and for God.

2019 - 2020 Board

President - Cathy Kay

President Elect - Vacant

Past President - Nancy Buecheler

Vice President- Patti McGonigle

Treasurer- Virgie Witte

Secretary- Ann Wheeler

Delegates- Terry Clark/Linda Tyer

Ways & Means - Susie Stewart/Andrea Hilton

Newsletter - Sandy Puglisi

2019-2020 Motto:

Our Best for Women and Girls!