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The Live Your Dream Awards Program (formerly the Women’s Opportunity Awards) is Soroptimists major service project and was established by Soroptimist International of the Americas in 1972 to assist women entering or re-entering the workforce in obtaining the education and skills training they need to improve their employment status. It is designed to give women heads of household, who provide the primary source of financial support for their families, the opportunity to achieve their career goals—an opportunity they have not previously had, whether because of economic or social barriers, or personal circumstances. These awards are for women who are attending, or have been accepted to, a vocational/skills training program, or an undergraduate degree program.  

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Program Structure
The program begins on the club level, where award amounts vary. Club-level recipients become eligible for additional awards at other levels of the organization. In addition, Soroptimist grants three  finalist awards each year. Since the program’s inception, Soroptimist has funded almost $5.5 million in award and assisted about 1,640 women. In total (including local club activity), approximately $15 million in awards has been disbursed to about 22,500 women since the program began in 1972. 


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Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352


2020 Winner

Claudia L. Marsh

Previous Winners

2019 - Kristin Westenhaver & Emily Brown

2018 - Ana Vega Castillo

2017 - Haley Watkins

2016 - Roberta Fox

2015 - April Moles

2014 - Elena One Feather

2013 - Samantha Paxton

2012 - Shawna McCartney

2011 - Jessica Mazakas

2010 - Valerie Piatt