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Live Your Dream Award - Thank You Letter from 2023 Winner

Dear Soroptimist International Rim of the World Members,

As everyone knows, from the Thank You speech done at the Soroptimist Making A Difference for Women Luncheon, the Live Your Dream Award helped me during that excruciating time during the state of emergency blizzard. Ever since receiving the Live Your Dream Award, I have been receiving blessing after blessing, after the help from SIROW, and I think you all are to thank for the positive and beautiful reactions from others (like Shelly and Joe from Davis Auto) for scheduling to repair my windshield for me. 

After my family friend, Sara Lanzrath saw and heard about what you lovely ladies from the Soroptimist International Rim of the World did for me, she decided she wanted to reward me for starting college back up again as well. Right now, I am currently in the state of Texas, visiting Sara and being treated to an all expense paid trip, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! 

The luncheon provided proof and a visual to others in my life that, YES! Cherie is working her hardest to better her life! And it has brought others to me, who have blessed me in different ways.

Its a reminder that when you try, and don't give up, you can honestly only go forward in life, not backwards.

It is because OF YOU, SIROW, that the blessings continue to come and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me. On your end you may see you assisted financially towards my family and I, but in the long run, you have opened doors and more opportunities, with multiple blessings to continue to come my way. 

So thank you Soroptimist International Rim of the World, and thank you Linda Tyer for continuously helping me through the entire process! You have not blessed one woman, you have blessed an entire family, and gave proof to my little girls that they too can reach their dreams!


Cherie Fowler