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Our Soroptimist International of Rim of the World embraces both its international history and its everyday “grass roots” versatility up here on the mountains.  SIROW joins hands with like-minded, energetic women improving the status of women and girls, aimed at their social and economic empowerment.

SIROW collects dues, raises monies, and writes grants to keep our growing list of community-service projects “up and running.”  Examples of current projects are Every Girl Counts! A mentoring program for middle school girls, which has grown exponentially over the last eleven years.   Volunteers at each event provide snacks, guest speaker, craft, movement and an overall theme to educate and remind each girl that their future becomes what they choose.   

Our new, inaugural program is “Dream It**Be It,” introduced to our ‘Rim of the World High School girls, in Fall of 2019.  A college and career-oriented curriculum, “Dream It**Be It” gives girls the tools they need to achieve their education and career goals, empowering them to overcome obstacles and to keep centered on their future.  Through this curriculum, volunteers will help girls choose a clear, healthy path to help them realize their dreams.

SIROW awards merit-based scholarships each June to deserving Rim High girls. These scholarships help fund their college or tech-training programs.  In addition, our Soroptimists honor women of distinction within the mountains communities each year through our “Making a Difference for Women” luncheon. 14-17 year-old girls may qualify to win the “Violet Richardson Award” through their many volunteerism efforts, while the “Live Your Dream Award” is given to women on the mountain who are pursuing their education while also tackling every day primary family support.  The “Soroptimist Ruby Award” is given to a woman who has served the mountains community with distinction.

Our Community Service Awards complete the array of programs and services provided through Soroptimist’s yearly giving to a variety of other organizations on the mountain.  SIROW strongly encourages recipients to utilize these monies for women and girls. This year we honored The Mountains Pregnancy Center, the Mom’s weekend at Camp Pavika, Meet the Masters at our elementary schools, The Mountains Homeless Coalition, Blue Jay Jazz Foundation; just to name a few of the many groups honored throughout our 40 year-plus history.  A more complete listing can be found in our brochure, as well as The Soroptimist History, compiled by member Andrea Hilton!

How do we fund these worthy endeavors?  Our two “Tried and True” fundraisers are our Discount Dining and Shopping Cards, on sale for $20.00.  They offer discounts on over 40 restaurants and venues mountain wide.  They are on sale NOW, available at the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce and online.  Our other best-seller is our Yearly Daffodil Sales.  King Alfred style bulbs come in September and are for sale now.  Contact our website for more information and how to order.

Are you interested in Soroptimist International of Rim of the World and how you can become a member of a vibrant and engaging organization?  We would love to invite you to our meetings and events so you can enjoy seeing what we do.  You may contact or call our Membership Chair, Jeannie Venturini at 1(909) 337-7220.   We also have a Facebook page.  Go to the search field and type in SIROWwomen and that will take you to our page; so enjoy!  

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to hearing from you in one of our expanded formats.

All Our Best for Women and Girls,

Cathy Kay, President, SIROW

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